Private Jet Charters

Commercial travel presents numerous challenges, including flight delays and crowded planes, which can be frustrating. Moreover, considerations such as the quality of onboard amenities like food and entertainment significantly impact the comfort of long flights. Experience luxurious travel solutions with our comprehensive services, including private jet charter options, ensuring both comfort and convenience regardless of flight duration.

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Yacht Charters

Experience unparalleled luxury and relaxation with charter yacht services for your next vacation. Whether you crave serene escapes or thrilling adventures, meticulously curated yachts promise comfort and indulgence. Explore breathtaking destinations, savour exquisite cuisine, and enjoy personalised itineraries tailored to your preferences. Embark on a memorable journey of elegance and tranquility on the water with us.

Put in your travel requests

Submit your travel requests to our concierge specialists and observe as our team surpasses your expectations. We have successfully catered to clients with diverse preferences, ranging from minimalist to those who prioritise luxury. Rest assured, we will customise a solution to precisely meet your travel needs.

Prelux Concierge

Prelux’s experienced team of lifestyle concierge experts are ready to go above and beyond your expectations in delivering the seamless and flawless VIP lifestyle you desire.

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