Real Estate & Villas

If you enjoy a high-quality lifestyle, you appreciate the privilege of staying in exquisite villas and accessing top-tier properties. At Prelux Concierge, we specialize in serving clients who seek the best, offering access to a premier selection of luxury properties and villas worldwide.

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Real Estate

Our dedicated concierge specialists excel at facilitating access to luxury real estate offerings both locally and globally, ensuring impeccable service tailored to meet the refined preferences of clients interested in purchasing property for recreational or investment purposes.


Our concierge team is here to guide you in choosing from a selection of the most experienced and opulent villas available. Our professionals will help you find the perfect villa that suits all your upscale needs, regardless of the occasion.

Prelux Concierge

Our skilled team of lifestyle concierge specialists is ready to exceed your expectations, ensuring you experience the flawless VIP lifestyle you desire.

Live the luxury lifestyle you desire