London Attractions You Should Visit At Least Once

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London Attractions You Should Visit At Least Once

Among the oldest and most popular cities worldwide, London offers many places to visit to satisfy every type of visitor.

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Whether you’re seeking to spend a lazy day in a garden or desire to enjoy a thrilling evening at one of the multiple pubs, London provides exactly what you’re searching for!

London has the best of everything from antique markets and streets to modern concert venues and party spots! Here is the list of the most excellent London attractions to visit:


1. London Eye

Found on the city’s Southbank, London Eye is the tallest cantilever wheel worldwide and an incredible formation in the London sky. This wheel draws almost 4 million tourists each year, and this astonishing figure suggests the fame among the visitors and the locals.

You can witness up to 40km from the wheel on a clear day and attractions like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and other well-known places from the London Eye.

Aside from the spectacular view, another main draw is a 4D show that includes a part of your London Eye experience.


2. Tower of London

The charming grandeur and historical significance of the Tower of London can be experienced from the moment a tourist walks inside its grounds. This incredible historic place reveals the most memorable stories and incidents in British history.

Though it is known as the ‘Tower of London’, it is really a castle built of several concentric towers. Edged by the shining river Thames, the Tower of London is presently known globally for its incredible craftsmanship and architecture.

This monument’s other famous aspects include the Tower Bridge and the White Tower.


3. British Museum

Situated in the Bloomsbury region, the British Museum is among the most popular sites in England for visitors. It is one of the earth’s most considerable and significant human history and cultural institutions.

If you wonder what you’ll see in this age-old national museum – you will discover collections of literature, art, and other artifacts depicting the legend of human history.


4. Madame Tussauds

Frequently called among the most famous visitor draws in London, Madame Tussauds is explored by millions of souls each year.

Madame Tussauds London is, in particular, one of the multiple wax museums located in many cities throughout the world. It is particularly well-known for a few of the most life-like models of celebrities from worldwide.

The museum has around 400 wax models of some of the most prominent people globally, including actors, politicians, musicians, scientists, historical figures, religious heads, geniuses, and even criminals.


5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is among the earth’s most significant and remarkable royal parks in London. Located in the city’s heart, the park provides many activities for the tourists beginning from swimming, boating, tennis, skating, horse riding, walking, jogging, and many more.

Decorated with countless types of trees and flowers and a lovely sparkling lake, Hyde Park has been drawing thousands of sightseers from every corner of the world.

You can notice many impressive buildings, memorials, monuments, statues, fountains, and a bird sanctuary within the park.


6. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an attractive bridge found on the River Thames. In earlier times, it was also named the “Tower of London” because of a royal prison situated inside this tower.

This bridge has been made with a striking blend of bascule and suspension components. It took 8-years to build this bridge, and it’s dedicated to excellent engineering and design.

The grand towers and the rising bascule of London Bridge create it among the most famous bridges globally. The unique highlight of Tower Bridge is its two great towers linked via two parallel walkways.


7. Warner Bros Studio

Warner Bros is the most outstanding US filming studio headquartered in the golden California state.

It is extended in 110-acre and unitedly contains thirty-six sound stages, seventeen re-recording stages, and fourteen exterior sets. The things to experience at this Studio are limitless, and so is the joy.


8. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, built-in 1840, is a famous visitor attraction and an iconic place praising the city’s rich culture, history, and heritage. Trafalgar Square is the finest place to witness London’s lively and boisterous city life.

From the London Eye and Buckingham Palace to the lush gardens of St James’s Park, the city’s most prominent destinations and monuments are situated just a walk away from this site.

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