The Most Liveable Cities In The World

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The Most Liveable Cities In The World

Many people think of packing up their assets and beginning a new life overseas— even if it’s only for a short period. With technology creating remote work much more accessible and globalization extending the space of companies, it is more comfortable than ever to achieve this dream.

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These are the most excellent places worldwide to live, and they’re also lovely to visit and dream about touring to in the future.


1. Vienna, Austria

The beautiful city of Vienna reached out on top of lists as the most livable location globally. No one who’s ever toured can deny this ranking, as Vienna has outstanding cultural offerings, excellent infrastructure, a rich history, and loveliness in each corner.

Additionally, there are vast green spaces all over the city, and citizens most certainly take advantage of them as the sun gets out.

Both visitors and residents can appreciate the traces of the mighty Habsburg monarchy, the unrivaled musical heritage of the Vienna State Opera, and coffee with sachertorte.


2. Zurich, Switzerland

The city is so completely well-groomed and clean it can sometimes feel like a delicately designed amusement park instead of an actual living city. However, it only needs some minutes here to experience the thriving pulse of its heart.

Travelers and locals love walking around Old Town, hanging out in trendy places, and witnessing flocks of swans floating on the Limmat River. The city is also highly safe while managing to maintain a peaceful vibe.


3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is the ideal mixture of modern urbanity and spectacular nature, juxtaposing its office buildings and clubs with a vast coastline and nearby mountains. Museums like the Museum of Anthropology and the Vancouver Art Gallery get up the town’s cultural draws.

With its vast network of parks and relatively pleasant climate, which maintains the temperature mild throughout the year, the city is a paradise for fun-frolic activities.


4. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s biggest city is frequently mistaken for its capital. Found on North Island, Auckland is thrilling for both city and nature fans, and its Viaduct Harbor is packed with restaurants, cafes, and bars.

The nightlife is possibly the finest in the country, and there’re always expats to be discovered, mainly made up of visitors on a 1-year working vacation visa. You can also do winery tours, explore the islands of nearby Hauraki Gulf, and hike to your soul’s content.


5. Munich, Germany

Well-known for Oktoberfest and its incredible Hofbräuhaus, it’s not tough for visitors to dream of themselves existing in Munich. The city is welcoming, a lot more so than other areas all over Germany, with residents who seem to like to strike up a chat over a glass of beer.

Indeed, Munich is a lot more than beer and good times. Its central square, Marienplatz, is remarkably well-maintained and coexists with a flourishing modern art scene.

The stunning infrastructure of Munich makes it a delightful spot to be in, no matter for a couple of years or a couple of days.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Though the city is suffering from the stresses of overtourism, individuals can’t seem to control themselves from exploring or living in it. It is because Amsterdam is a city like no other.

Sure, you might see the architecture in other cities in the country, and it’s not the only site on the earth crisscrossed by the vista of canals, but there’s something in its relaxed attitude that is absolutely captivating.

Additionally, its expansive bike paths, cafe culture, and artistic heritage, and you will quickly notice what the thrill is all about.


7. Sydney, Australia

For many, Sydney needs no intro. Australia’s most well-known city has breathtaking locations like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

For visitors and residents, Sydney provides a vast expat population, a stunning, stylish skyline, and many beaches, including the world-renowned Bondi Beach.

The nearby Blue Mountains National Park is only a two-hour drive from the city, making it a favorite weekend escape place for city residents.


8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is well-known for its scenic Nyhavn, with multicolored houses and docked vessels blazing the canal. The city is filled with castles, palaces, and top-quality restaurants— there’re over a dozen Michelin-starred eateries!

Apart from this, Copenhagen welcomes global recognition for its dedication to sustainability, most observable in the immense number of individuals who move around the town by bike.

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